An eMinistry of Significance

Who knew that a worldwide pandemic would usher in a “new normal” for virtual meetings and small group ebooks? The Significance Project saw God open opportunities to present Jesus and build multiplying disciples. Throughout the year, people considered Jesus as their Life Foundation, grew in their relationship with Him, and discovered how to join Him in His mission.

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Christmas Gifts I Have Requested from My Prodigal (Guest Post)

In December I feature guest posts from other Cru writers so you might be blessed by inspiring thoughts from Cru bloggers. First up is Judy Douglass, wife of the president of Cru. This post was written as a letter to the Prayer for Prodigals community about treasured gifts she asked from her prodigal son. Continue reading Christmas Gifts I Have Requested from My Prodigal (Guest Post)

“Amazing Grace” Hopper, Computer Scientist Pioneer

Grace Hopper Google Doodle 470x140When I noticed today’s Google Doodle, commemorating Grace Hopper’s birthday, I enjoyed learning about her. Grace M. Hopper (1906 – 1992) made significant contributions to computer technology. She was often referred to as “Amazing Grace.”

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