Youth + Technology = Change the World

Recently, a friend was dismissing the importance of Facebook.  Later, his words kept coming back to me since I’ve seen personally the potential for ministry in social networks.

You may also know the role of technology in the events in the Middle East, if not, take a minute to read Tim’s review of the cover article published in Time magazine on  February 28, 2011.  He includes an interesting map of the youth demographics of the area.  (Also, 54% consider television as their most trusted source of news.)

Are you using social networking to grow your ministry and empower your disciples?

Here’s the link to the Time magazine article, “Why There’s No Turning Back in the Middle East.”

2 thoughts on “Youth + Technology = Change the World

  1. In today’s age, we can’t underestimate the importance of Social Networking. specially when we talk about FaceBook, which is said to have the most number of accounts then any website in the whole world.


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