Creating and Editing PDF Files

Adobe_PDFA PDF, portable document format, is a great format to save documents  before sending to someone else for printing because a PDF file is basically a picture of a file that you have created.  Without converting to PDF, if you send a document directly, such as a .doc, you’re assuming, for example, that the recipient has Word installed on their computer and exactly the same fonts that you have used as well.  (If they don’t have the font, their computer will choose a replacement font).

Creating and Editing PDF Files Using Microsoft Office

Actually, the easiest solution for creating PDF files is right in the newer versions of Word where you can use “save as” to make your PDF file. I assume Apple products offer a similar function. If you’re using Office 2007, download the add-on for Microsoft Office 2007.   After downloading you will have a Save As… PDF option in your Office software.  I also like this option best because the hyperlinks work within the document.

If you have older versions than Microsoft Office 2007 or you want to edit a PDF file. . .  read on!

Creating and Editing PDF Files Using PrimoPDF

I’ve used freeware called PrimoPDF for a few years and recommend it.  After you download and install PrimoPDF, it appears as a virtual printer in your list of printers.  When you select PrimoPDF, as your “printer,” it will produce a PDF version of your document.  After you click “OK” you’ll see a window from PrimoPDF.  You can choose a name and location to store your new PDF file, so when you click on “Create PDF”, PrimoPDF will put the new file in the folder you choose and it will open Outlook with the new file already in the attachment.  However, none of the links will work within the PDF document.  (That was true the last time I used PrimoPDF. Maybe they work now.)

Converting PDF, Word, or Excel (AND Editing PDF Files)

As I promised, here’s your easiest option for creating PDF files.  The same company that created Primo has an internet site to upload a file and convert it:

Upload your document to one of the above sites and you’ll receive an accurate, and editable, Word or Excel document via eMail. (If you thought you “can’t edit” a PDF file, you can with these converters!)

Do you create or edit PDF files using other software?

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