To “re-post” or not to “re-post”: that is the question

Afternoon Tea Party by Mary Cassatt from the Saint Louis Art Museum

I have always been a fan of writing divinely inspired posts on my blog.  So if I clear away the clutter in my mind, I know what it is I should write.  But if the demands of the day pile up, then divine inspiration disappears.  So as my schedule gains complexity, the ink ceases to flow, resulting in a shortfall of blog posts.  Still, in the midst of marriage, motherhood and ministry, I somehow manage to post a few times each week out of an overflow of my time spent with the Lord.

Up until recently I felt satisfied to blog at that pace.  Then one afternoon, things changed.  I received a comment on my blog from a bloggy friend, alluding to that fact that our most recent blog posts shared similar content; only hers was a “re-post”.  While her reaction seemed to be one of amazement at how the Holy Spirit moves, mine was altogether different.  In fact, my type-a, perfectionist alter ego surfaced, and I could not believe that she felt comfortable to re-post from somewhere in her archives.

Does that classify as a divinely inspired, fresh revelation to share with readers, or does it fall short?  I asked myself.  Is it okay to publish yesterday’s word for today?  Thankfully, God graciously reminded me that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  So I took off my legalistic lenses only to realize how foolish I had been.  Why not dig up something from the archives if it means giving my readers a daily postIt is not as if someone is going to read my blog and comment, “C’mon, that’s so 2009!”  Had you asked me a few weeks ago if I believed in re-posting, I probably would have frowned.  But thanks to a sweet bloggy friend and a faithful God, I can now re-post with confidence!

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public domain symbolSource: Afternoon Tea Party by Mary Cassatt is in the public domain in the U.S. and was downloaded from Wikimedia Commons.

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