MinistryNet 2011 Overflows with New Ideas

Campus Crusade’s MinistryNet conference went ahead earlier this month despite historic flooding in Thailand.  Close to 200 men and women, committed to building spiritual movements for Christ, gathered in Bangkok, Thailand, to strategize about using the internet for ministry.  (More were also able to participate through streaming video.)  Their hotel and location were not affected by the devastating floods and they were even able to minister to Campus Crusade for Christ staff in Thailand (see notes).

Since the last conference two years ago, mobile phones, iPads, and social media have increasingly changed the way people communicate and interact, so new ideas and new methods were presented in seminars and discussed in groups.  These groups were challenged to meet several times during the conference to develop do-able 90-day projects.  Some of these projects are already in process. (Three friends allowed me to post their photos from the conference for a short Flickr slideshow.)

Join the Movement

You can still be a part of what started in Bangkok if you’re interested in using the internet for evangelism and discipleship.

The videos are in the GMX media exchange tagged with “ministrynet”.  You’ll need to log in with your key.  Also, these listings of the speakers and  the seminars may help you decide what you’re interested in.


  • Learn more about how you can help our staff in Thailand, who despite losing computers, homes, and cars to the flooding are assisting their neighbors out of their love for Christ.
  • These virtual ministries were represented at the conference.

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