Temporary Halt to Posts

Thanks for faithfully visiting eQuipping for eMinistry.

My brother-in-law, Pat, went to be with the Lord unexpectedly Monday at midnight.  We’ll be with the family for the next several days.  I’ll post again in the new year.

If you would like to, you might be encouraged to share in Pat’s spiritual journey as he went through cancer treatment.

9 thoughts on “Temporary Halt to Posts

  1. Thank you, Ceil. I was just reading memorials on a Facebook page for Pat and thinking I’ll print some of these for Grandma and Grandpa who couldn’t be at the service. Here’s a sample: “I remember very vividly how many times Pat would ask, with such care and concern, about how my mom was doing. He truly cared more about how others were doing than about how he himself was doing, cause when I would ask him how he was doing, he would brush it off and give praise to God that he was doing fine”


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