23 Ways to Use Cellphones in Ministry (Guest Post)

T Mobile smart phone

Find ideas for evangelism and discipleship for your mobile phone. (This list was originally written before tablets became so popular, so many of these ideas would also work on your iPad or Kindle Fire.)

I’m re-posting this with permission from the original author.   I tried to update as much of the information as I could since technology changes rapidly, but please comment if any of these ideas could be better presented.  What ideas have you tried?

With Basic Cellphones:

  • Audio
    • Text messaging
    • sending out SMSs with short devotionals, and asking people to forward them to their friends
    • 4 Spiritual Laws by text message
    • Discipleship Message Subscription, for example:
  • Prayer request distribution using:
    • Text messages
    • Facebook groups
    • Twitter

With Feature Phones

With Smartphones

Guest post by Anonymous

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