Looking ahead to 2012 on e4e

favicon blueOver two years ago in September, 2009, I published my first post on eQuipping for eMinistry. This blog is meant to help you with what you’re already doing and/or to equip you to try something new.  I thought you might be interested in where I’m going with it.

Looking Back

e4e has over 750 followers and subscribers from every continent, averaging about 400 views on the site every week.

Topics have included (click on the links for some examples):

Looking Ahead

Leaha will continue to submit her thoughtful and open-hearted posts six times a year.  Karen will add to our how-to’s content.  I hope to continue posting twice per week and am open to contributions.  I’m especially hoping to add more topics on:

Besides the content on the blog, Karen and I are working on more hands-on learning opportunities.  I’ll explain about that in a future post.  Meanwhile, thank you for your prayers and support for eQuipping for eMinistry!

What do you think?

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