1-2-1 Labs Start at Lake Hart

We’ll be having computer labs (called “1-2-1 Labs at Lake Hart”) during the lunch hour on the first Tuesday of each month at headquarters.  A dozen staff have volunteered to be available to answer questions on topics ranging from Macs, social networks, mobile devices, eMail, blogging, TntMPD, MailChimp, and more.  Twenty-eight staff came to our “trial run” lab in February.  I asked them what they thought of the lab:

“This was very helpful!!!  I like the informal setting where we can ask questions.  It is very difficult to grasp the tools we have available.  What is very basic for one of your experts, is very complicated for some people.  We need more bridge builders like you!!!  Sign me up to come again.”  ~ Tim C.

“I am interested in coming again. I actually really liked the free open ended way the lab was handled… I really wasn’t sure what I was going to ask [Mike] but as I sat there and fiddled with my MAC I really had a lot of questions. Thank you. I’ll be there next month.” ~ Lori D.

“Thanks again for all your work in putting the lab together.  I found it extremely helpful.  I appreciated Mike doing the one thing I asked him to help me with my tablet efficiently and quickly.  We were done in less then 5 minutes!  Monica … gave me some great tracks to run on [with Blogspot].  Once I am done implementing what she suggested, I am sure I could use further help with the next step.” ~ Gordana S.

“I am so happy that I went to the lab last week! It was extremely helpful to me on many levels and I definitely plan to attend next month. Andi gave me some very practical “next steps” for our StoryTapestry web presence.  I am looking forward to running some questions by the Tnt Mpd guys in the future, too.  I am so grateful for all the mentors for giving of their time…I know they are all very busy!  I hope to be able to pick your brain some more as well during future labs! ~ Brenda M.

“Yes, it was VERY helpful. As I told Troy and Bob, I have had this problem with tntmpd for months and have tried to research it on my own and even got consultation from Troy over email, but I still could not resolve it on my own (it does not help that I am NOT a techno-guru in the least). However, sitting down with Troy for less than 5 minutes got me on the right road and I was then able to take steps (with his in-person consultation) to resolve the problem within 10 minutes (that counts downloading and installing a third-party software (drop-box)).  Thank you for helping me resolve what was a big problem I was having with tntmpd.

“I would be very interested in coming again if I run into problems/barriers on any level, especially where technology is concerned, that I could not break through myself after trying. Or, it could also be very useful to get a consultation on the work-related systems I have employed and get an opinion and consultation on if there is a better or more effective way of building the mouse-trap.” ~ John C.

I liked Tim’s term: “bridge builders” to describe what we were trying to do during the lab to help staff know how they can use technology for ministry.  I try to build bridges with eQuipping for eMinistry as well.  Please recommend e4e to your friends.  Thanks!

Click here for a slide show of the lab.
Click here to learn how the lab is doing now (August 2012).

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