A Cell Phone + Projector

Samsung phone with projector

Samsung unveiled their new Galaxy Beam phone at a conference in Barcelona this week.  It’s just a bit bigger than a mobile phone and pricey at this point. (I only saw it for sale on one website for $800.)

So, let’s dream a bit while we wait for the price to come down.

What can this phone do?

  • Projects videos, PowerPoints, and more, up to 50 ” wide (1.2 m) in high definition
  • Runs in a loop
  • Has a battery life of three hours and should last for two years
  • Needs a speaker accessory to project the sound for a large group

How could it be used for ministry now or in the future?

  • Show the Jesus film and/or short films (see first note)
  • Do a PowerPoint presentation for a team meeting on a retreat
  • Show a short video for MPD at a mission board meeting
  • And obviously, go just about anywhere (see first note)

What ideas do you have?


  • Maybe, with a PowerBag backpack for recharging, you’d even be able to have several Jesus film showings in one day.
  • Read this article from Mashable for details about the Galaxy Beam.
  • If you’re a developer: “The Beam uses some low-cost parts to shave a few dollars off the price and get the projector in. It runs ST Ericsson’s dual-core 1GHz U8500 chipset, for instance, which we haven’t seen in a U.S. phone before. It also has a 4-inch WVGA LCD screen, HSPA+ 14.4 and Wi-Fi networking, 8GB of storage with a memory card slot, and a relatively large 2000 mAh battery.” ~ continue reading at PCMag.com.

5 thoughts on “A Cell Phone + Projector

  1. There are some cool little accessory speakers that can amplify the sound from a mobile. One I’ve seen uses batteries charged from a USB port, but is highly compact. AnotherI have seen uses just the power from the phone itself, and use the resonating effect of a flat surface to create, effectively, a speaker.


  2. This is an exciting piece of technology that we can definitely use in ministry. Just another great tool to further the Gospel and these companies that make this technology don’t even realize they are helping us to further the Kingdom of God 🙂


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