Saving Printing Costs: Cartridges and Printers

Ink cartridges sure are pricey!  I read that black ink in cartridges costs  over $4000 per gallon!  Wow! When I look at it that way, it means I may want to start re-thinking what I’m doing.

And let’s face it, eMinistry does cost money when you look at the cost of hardware, software, internet service, printers, and ink.


I prefer brand name cartridges, but you can save a lot with off-brands and refilling your cartridges.   You’ll just need to determine if the quality of the printing is affected  by using a generic.  If so, is this change in quality important for the kind of printing you do?

By the way, don’t believe that “low ink” warning.  I use an economical setting for most of my unimportant print jobs, so I’m printing for maybe three times longer than my indicator says I should.  I wait until the ink actually is used up.  Some suggest shaking a cartridge when the printouts are fading (I’d do this with a plastic bag around the cartridge). Re-insert the cartridge and see if it makes your cartridge last a little longer.


If you’re planning on buying a printer, you might want to do a bit of research to find the true cost of operating a particular printer, depending on your ink usage.  Try will help you choose the right printer for your needs.

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