Butane Charger with USB Port

Butane charger with USB port
A pocket-sized charger from Lilliputian Systems

Keep an eye out for a butane charger for your portable electronics that just might be the solution for your ministry.  If you:

  • work outdoors
  • live or travel to remote locations
  • serve often in a field clinic
  • travel frequently

The pocket-sized charger is fueled with butane cartridges and are already approved to be taken on planes, just like cigarette lighters.  The recyclable cartridges will cost just a few dollars. The manufacturer says it will be cheaper than buying a spare lithium battery and more convenient than relying on electrical outlets when travelling.

You would be able to charge any device that has a USB cable: smartphones, cameras, digital media players, and more.

Perhaps our GAiN and JESUS Film ministries, as well as others, could use a pocket-sized fuel cell like this.

The charger should be sold by Brookstone some time later in 2012.

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