How to Make a MailChimp Newsletter with a Cru Header

Would you like to create a MailChimp newsletter with this header?  Here’s how…

The easiest way for me to explain is to have you:

  1. Either go to this template on Google Drive or choose this second template (which doesn’t have a line between the header and the body of the letter).  Click on “download” (the arrow under File).
  2. Then go to Doug’s post, How to Create a MailChimp Newsletter with Our Free Templateand follow his directions, starting at step 2.
  3. When he asks you to add an image to the template in his video, you can skip that part (about one minute) because both headers include an image.
  4. Continue watching the rest of his video instructions.

I recommend you also create at least another newsletter, following his original two steps, so you can have another MailChimp letter style with either  your photo or perhaps a header from your blog or website.

5 thoughts on “How to Make a MailChimp Newsletter with a Cru Header

      1. Hi Sus,
        It’s possible that the MediaFire domain has ALL kinds of stuff posted there, some of it being unsavory. You guys may need to just find another place to park your content. I’ll let you know what I hear back from ITG.

        I do appreciate your efforts to equip and empower the staff. MailChimp is a great tool but I even feel only about 1/4 qualified to use it.

        Take care, Dan


        1. Thanks, Dan,

          Mediafire was recommended to me because I could upload an HTML file.

          It looks like I may have to consider a hosted site so I can have more control and keep the unsavory off e4e.

          Let me know if I can put anything specifically up to help you with MailChimp. We’re also looking at a class at Lake Hart. Maybe in November.

          Serving Him,


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