First Social and Digital Media Panel at Lake Hart

Alonzo, Matt, Howard, Justin, Nifer

We’ve been trying some seminars at Lake Hart in Orlando. This week we did our first panel. Alonzo DeJesus took the reins, bringing knowledgeable staff to the table to present ministry ideas for using digital and social media for MPD, with students, and more.  Stacie also was on the panel (joining us from Washington state) and several staff from Africa and other locations also listened in through video on Google + Hangouts.

I’ll be picking out some highlights from my notes from all of our seminars to post on eQuipping for eMinistry.  These staff gave me a LOT to write about.  (I’ll get started next week.) While you’re waiting for me to do that, go visit Stacie’s blog, MPD and Social Media, for lots of tips and how-tos like: Asking for an Appointment over eMail or Facebook.


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