3 C’s for Taking Charge of Your Social Media

Popular_Social_Networks stickyThis is the first in a series about the great day at Lake Hart we had with our guest, Steve Raquel, on April 17th. (The link goes to Steve’s official bio, but I’d like to add that he and his wife, Stephanie, are also involved with the Cru metro and FamilyLife ministries in Chicago.  They were involved as students with Cru and invest in several of our staff members.)

We all have our filters and diverse needs. That’s a given. So, I thought I’d let two others share before I post my take-aways from Steve’s visit.

Clarity and Leadership

Ken and his team learned about focus.

How clear is your team on its purpose? Can everyone clearly name the audience(s) you seek to serve? What are the most important results that you must deliver? How clear are you, as a team?

You might be surprised.

It’s one thing to have everyone repeat a vision statement. It’s another when an outsider drops in and asks some clarity questions: What exactly is your team trying to accomplish? For whom? How will you know if you’re successful?

Read more about taking advice as a leader and a team in Need Clarity? by Ken Cochrum. This post is great for any team or team leader whether or not you’re serving in the context of social media.

Control Your Content

Several years ago one of the evangelistic websites I was working with, EveryStudent.com, developed a great way to interact with its visitors on Facebook. And then two months later Facebook changed things and rendered this great new social media strategy useless.

Read what you can do to avoid the winds of change in social media at Why Your Social Media Plan Isn’t Working by Jerry Hertzler

More from Steve

While you’re waiting for my posts from Steve’s visit with his great tips and  links, why not brush up on Steve’s advice from his visit to Lake Hart in 2012:

What did you learn from the session with Steve? We’ll all be richer when you share what you learned, too.


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