4 Reasons to Follow e4e

favicon blueDo you even need to think twice about what you’re doing when you tune in for a radio, TV, or internet program?

What about eMail?  I suspect you learned how to use it mostly from trial-and-error and from practice.

These were new technologies when they first arrived on the scene.  We learned to use them because we liked how useful, informative, or entertaining they were for us.  We didn’t need much in the way of outside motivation and instruction to get on board. You can choose to look at any and all technology with the same attitude instead of allowing new technology to overwhelm you.  (I recommend reading “Pursuing What Is in Our Hearts”.)

Get Past the Fear

Not everyone is fearful of new technologies or intimidated by learning yet another new thing, but if that’s you, then I hope eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e) is a site you’ll rely on.  The posts here are written in a layman-friendly, non-techie way.  We’ll try hard to point you to help that is easy to understand and learn. You might also discover a new way to approach what you’re already doing.

The Problem of Change

Technology is changing even more rapidly now as you know.  Unfortunately, you may learn something from us this year that will be different two years later.  e4e will try to remain current and will help you keep up with changes.

Allow Us to Filter

Then again, there’s the problem of SO MUCH to choose from.  eQuipping for eMinistry can help you discern what’s best for you.  We try to know what really works and to also know what is on the horizon.  e4e is written mainly with Campus Crusade staff women in mind with the goal that more women will learn how to take the tools of technology and apply them to ministry.  Our content will reflect this.  We won’t have anything too technical.  We’ll have easy-to-use ideas that can help you be more effective in ministry.

We also know you can’t do everything, so we’ll be helping you in the near future to find the perfect fit for you with technology tools that reflect your lifestyle and your calling.

Byte-size Learning

One of the easiest ways to pick up new ideas and new skills is to subscribe to eQuipping for eMinistry to receive  a weekly eMail (click for sample) summarizing the posts for the previous week.  By subscribing, you can glance through the e4e eMail and just click on a topic that interests you.  Your subscription also helps us know what people are interested in reading which will improve the content on the site.

So far, eQuipping for eMinistry content has:

  • Suggested help with eMail
  • Offered lots of advice on blogs and newsletters
  • Given a variety of useful MPD tips
  • Explained internet evangelism (Facebook and more)
  • Helped with photos
  • Shown different uses for mobile phones for ministry
  • Explained office technology skills

If something involves ministry and technology, we’re here to help YOU.

NOTES: This image is available through morguefile.com.

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