What You Need to Know about FTC Guidelines for Bloggers

Blog with mouse 750 x 380Did you know the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has guidelines for bloggers?    Basically, a blogger should disclose if she received compensation for her post.  I decided to add the FTC non-material disclosure to my blogs (not to each post, but on the About page or in a sidebar or footer).

As a Cru staff member, I’m not receiving income from blogging. I think that’s important for my readers to know. If I write about using different software, products, or whatever, my readers know my recommendation is not fueled by some monetary benefit to me.

If you’re blogging or considering blogging, this post by Michael Hyatt provides all the information you’ll need with a choice of several options you can copy and paste into your blog.  (You may copy my compliance at the bottom of my About page if it fits your situation.)

If you review books or promote a book you’ve written or have a link to Amazon to sell your book, you’ll especially want to see Michael Hyatt’s examples.

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