Are You Interested in a Mentoring Opportunity at CSU2013?


Is it hard for you to find a friendly techie who can explain things in a way that you understand? (Often, a staff woman may prefer a woman to help her with her tech needs.) Are you interested in giving or receiving one-on-one tech help at CSU2013? Have I described you? If so, we’d love to connect you with a “mentor.”

It Takes Volunteers

Two years ago, we tried mentoring thirty-six staff with technology needs. Twenty-four women volunteers helped them with social networking, blogging, TntMPD, and more. Of course, everyone thought the individualized help was great.

Before and after the conference, I received these eMails:

I can use any practical help in this area, Sus, so am fine with you putting me on your list. If for some reason I can’t keep up or access what you send, I’ll let you know. Now if you can come up with local tech folks to help, THAT I’d really applaud. 🙂 ~ Donna

Thanks so much for all of your work on this!! I will be praying it goes well – it’s really encouraging personally that you’re putting this on. So, let me know if there’s anything I could do to help you, ok? ~ Maggie

Thank you for praying for and planning for us!  I really appreciate your willingness to serve us. ~ Julie

Thanks for all your efforts to get us connected as staff and to use technology for HIS glory!  ~ Terry

SO THANK YOU for the idea…and in discerning ways in which staff might practically be helped by going to CSU… Please keep me posted on how to “personally experience” your plan… With the above possibility I am looking more forward to staff conference.  Really. Grateful! ~ Suzanne

It Takes an Hour

I’d like to expand the mentoring this summer. I’m looking for a small army of men and women volunteers to give just one hour of your time to meet one-on-one with another staff member to help him or her with a tech need.

If you have an interest in being mentored or mentoring someone during U. S. Staff Training, would you please reply to this short questionnaire? I asked for a response by the end of Wednesday (June 5th) so we have ample time to put something awesome together for you, but you may reply after that. We hope to have the bulk of the planning and matching done by June 26th.

Of course, we would love to see long-term mentoring come out of these opportunities. I know a handful of women who would appreciate a long-term coach. We’ll see what God does!

What Else Is Happening…

  1. We’re moving ahead with an even better Blogger / Author Meet-and-Greet than last time.  This year’s event will be for men and women and includes a lot more authors. If you’d like to start blogging, this will be a great event to attend and network with Cru bloggers who can give you some pointers. (Enjoy photos from the CSU2011 meet-and-greet.)
  2. The questionnaire also asks for ideas for seminars, so let us know what you’d like and we’ll pass your ideas along.


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