Your Success Stories: Syncing TntMPD

You Did It Trophy

Thanks to a suggestion from my husband, Mike, I’ve decided to start posting eQuipping for eMinistry success stories regularly. Here’s a recent email conversation that many of you may identify with.

Doris: Hi, Sus! I am trying for the umpteenth time to download my TntMPD onto my Mac laptop and I keep getting an error message. I have a copy of TntMPD on our home desktop (PC), but because I always work on my laptop I wanted to sync the two. Is this possible to do?

I am the ultimate Computer Challenged Grandma and will test your tutorials to the max, I promise.

Sus: Hi, Doris, I’ve never done syncing with TntMPD, but I’m planning to try it soon. I’ve got to learn sometime (and especially before I post about syncing). I recommend putting your question on the TntMPD forum. Troy and users are regularly answering questions there, so I’m sure they’d help you soon. Please let me know what you find out. Did you update to the new 3.0 for Mac?

Doris: Thanks for answering Sus! I did upgrade and I also left my question on the forum so will see what they say.  Thanks for all the tips…I did upgrade my TntMPD on the desktop and started filling in the blanks as it were. I have so much to learn, but I decided it’s as good a time as ever!  I’ll let you know once I get an answer from the forum….


Doris: Hi Sus! The trick is to put the TntMPD database into DropBox and share it from there. I tried it and actually got it to work! I’m quite proud of myself! I had no problems using Dropbox at all!  Now I just have to update all the contacts so that I can sync with my MailChimp list! Thanks for your encouragement to get organized in 2014!

Sus: It’s nice to hear you’re following the You-Can-Too series because I don’t really know how many are actually taking steps.  Once I get some giveaways together, I may hear from more. 😉

Doris: I am sitting here by the fire (we’re setting record cold temperatures these days) updating all my contacts! 🙂

So be encouraged….I’m sure I’m not the only one!


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