Do You Live in Inbox Zero or Inbox Infinity?

Buried in parcels_ US WWII

Do You Live in Inbox Zero or Inbox Infinity?

It’s true, my inbox is uncomfortably bloated. “Inbox Infinity” is my reality. How ’bout you?

I found a nine-minute video that shows you step-by-step in Gmail how to get to inbox zero. (Google “Inbox Zero” for lots of tips from others on clearing your inbox.) Use the steps outlined in the video in any email client. No need to use, that the video endorses.

If you would rather read something try these articles:

Manage Your Tasks as Well as Your Inbox

The video mentions you need to also have a way to manage tasks. I’ve unsuccessfully tried “tasks” in Gmail and in Outlook before (as well as a lot of other software options). I’m currently testing out two programs that work with emails in Outlook and Gmail and on various mobile devices.  They are:

With either Gmail, Outlook, Todoist, or Evernote, your non-email tasks and email tasks would be all in one place. It’s best to pick one software program that manages all your tasks well, rather than having multiple places for your tasks.

I’m leaning toward Evernote as my task manager. If you’re thinking about Evernote to organize both your email and other tasks, you’ll be interested in this blog post, Evernote Web Clipper for Chrome Gets Gmail Clipping, for how to clip Gmail content into Evernote.

 What are you doing to manage your email and your tasks? Do you have any tips for the rest of us?

NOTE: The Smithsonian photo of WWII soldiers almost buried with Christmas mail is available through Flickr Creative Commons.

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