How Africa Tweets Infographic

How Africa Tweets 750

9% of Nigerians watch TV daily
19% of Nigerians listen to radio daily
4% of Nigerians read newspapers daily
Less than 2% of Nigerians use the internet daily
50% of Nigerians use mobile phones daily

 ~ Cybermissions Africa

Would you be interested in digital conversations with Africans? Mobile use across the continent went from 0% to 63% from 1990 to 2013 (source: Global Mapping International). Check out the How Africa Tweets infographic for the best times and topics. Here’s some take-aways.

When to Tweet

Evenings (African time) and especially Tuesdays and Fridays are the best time to tweet. English is also about 75% of the tweets in Africa, so it’s easy to connect. Arabic is the second most common language for tweets.

Who is Tweeting

Top cities for tweets are:

  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Alexandria, Egypt
  • Nairobi, Kenya

What to Tweet

Right now, football (aka, soccer) is the most discussed topic in African tweets , so I suggested in my previous post this week how you could join the digital conversation surrounding the World Cup (starting June 12th).

Here’s some bonus tweets to get you started during the World Cup season with quotes from African Christian footballers:

  • CLICK to Tweet: “I live beyond what people say, beyond what people think. I focus more on what the Lord says about me” @enoh_eyong #ThePrize14 #WorldCup2014
  • CLICK to Tweet: “Everyone goes thru some pressure. For me personally having this pressure is just trusting the Lord” @enoh_eyong #ThePrize14 #WorldCup2014
  • CLICK to Tweet: “You are not in control of things that happen. If I did not have Jesus I would be completely lost” @JacobMulenga8 #ThePrize14 #WorldCup2014
  • CLICK to Tweet: “I know my strength does not come from me. It comes from above” @JacobMulenga8 #ThePrize14 #WorldCup2014
  • CLICK to Tweet: “God won’t take you to the next level if you don’t know how to handle the pressure” @JacobMulenga8 #ThePrize14 #WorldCup2014

Click here for best hashtags for Africa calculated for today’s date by

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  • The image and most of the statistics are from an infographic on Global Mapping International’s website. Read more analysis here.
  • The quotes are from Athletes in Action’s website for their film, The Prize: Under Pressure.

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