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Athletes in Action (AIA) submitted this post tonight to alert you to an opportunity to share your faith using the buzz about the World Cup. Read on for how to promote AIA’s film, The Prize: Under Pressure, through social media.

Every four years, the whole world stops to witness what Pelé calls “the Beautiful Game.”

With 3 billion fans worldwide, football is the most popular sport in the world.  Millions dream of playing in the World Cup, but only a few will ever realize that dream. For anyone gifted enough to represent their country, the pressure is tremendous.

In this exciting film, follow the journeys of Ricardo Kakà, Cacau, Jacob Mulenga, Eyong Enoh, and Brad Guzan to discover how they deal with the pressures of football and life.

Help us spread the news that 45+ languages of The Prize: Under Pressure are now available on YouTube. Find some ideas from the list below and encourage your friends to help this film get millions of views online. With 3 billion fans, that number of views is certainly reachable with prayer, God’s blessing, and your participation with social media.

How to Use Social Media to Promote The Prize: Under Pressure


Share the pins and quotes from The Prize Film Pinterest board. You can also post your Pinterest activity directly to Facebook.


The same professional photos with quotes are great to share on Facebook. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you can find these photos  on Indigitous’ site, along with some videos to share.

Follow The Prize Facebook page and share content from the page during the World Cup.

Videos / App

Do you know someone who would want to watch one of the 45+ languages of The Prize: Under Pressure? Find all the languages at AIA’s YouTube channel.

The Prize is also available on the JESUS Film Media app. You can encourage your non-Christian friends to download the app and watch the film on their phone!


Share about The Prize and embed the video in your blog. If your blog is for ministry partners, feel free to use anything from this post to encourage them to share.


Follow and retweet from The Prize on Twitter @ThePrizeFilm. Look for tweets that have already been retweeted. Try to use #ThePrize14 and #WorldCup2014 in your tweets whenever possible.

Here’s some optimized tweets to get you started now and during the World Cup

  • CLICK to Tweet: @KAKA @bradguzan @enoh_eyong @JacobMulenga8 Cacau @FALCAO pressures of football & life http://rtag.co #ThePrize14 #WorldCup2014
  • CLICK to Tweet: “I always dreamed of playing in the #WorldCup” Radamel Falcao out of Colombia squad – hear his story http://theprize.com/falcao  #ThePrize14
  • CLICK to Tweet: @KAKA living out his childhood dream http://buff.ly/1pGDz14 #ThePrize14 #WorldCup2014
  • CLICK to Tweet: USA wins against Turkey @bradguzan plays well. Learn about his journey to this level http://buff.ly/1m4dQsV #ThePrize14 #WorldCup2014
  • CLICK to Tweet: “I live beyond what people say, beyond what people think. I focus more on what the Lord says about me” @enoh_eyong #ThePrize14 #WorldCup2014
  • CLICK to Tweet: “You are not in control of things that happen. If I did not have Jesus I would be completely lost” @JacobMulenga8 #ThePrize14 #WorldCup2014

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Source: The image and quotes are from Athletes in Action’s website for their film, The Prize: Under Pressure.
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eMinistry Opportunity – The Prize: Under Pressure by Sus Schmitt is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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