Writing for the Web Next Week

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Writing for the Web Session Next Tuesday

If you write content for the Internet, you’ll want to sign up for a webinar on Tuesday, March 24th, at 10:00 AM EST. Justin Stowell, brand manager at Cru, will lead this online session.

About a dozen of us actually heard Justin speak on this topic in November. Here’s a few thoughts from his PowerPoint to whet your appetite so you’ll decide to join us Tuesday:

People share on the Internet:

  • to bring valuable and entertaining content to others
  • to define themselves to others
  • to grow and nourish their relationships
  • for self-fulfillment
  • to spread the word about causes and brands

Knowing this, our content needs to be timely, relevant, and unique (with a catchy title and image).

RSVP or Catch the Recorded Session

There’s much more, of course, so RSVP at Indigitous, Cru’s digital strategies site. If you miss this session, or missed some of the earlier sessions, they’re recorded and available on the same website.

I’ll be sure to post content from this webinar after Tuesday.

NOTE: You might also be interested in How to Write Great Web Copy for Your Ministry on the Indigitous blog.



As Brand Manager for Cru, Justin Stowell specializes in communicating a clear, consistent organizational message through all communications channels. Prior to his work at Cru, Justin served as Marketing Manager for Airstar America, Inc. and Worldwide Challenge magazine.

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