Post-Op and Post-Irma

Many people have been asking how I’m doing since I had alerted all of you to my planned surgery for September 8th.

Hurricane Irma

As you can imagine we were somewhat torn about going through with the surgery considering the predictions of Hurricane Irma coming through central Florida that same weekend. It took many months of various tests and such to be ready for the surgery; we felt that it would be best to proceed. We know now that going ahead was the right thing.

God was gracious to us during Hurricane Irma. I was unable to help Mike before or after the storm. He did the minimum of making sure we were stocked with water, food, and gasoline.

I was actually able to mostly sleep during the hurricane Sunday night. Mike and I never lost power but did lose our Internet connection for 36 hours. Branches of all sizes and leaves littered the yard on Monday. Mike has most of the debris cleaned up by now. I wished I could help him, but I can’t lift, bend, etc. for months yet.

Hurricane Irma approaching Florida (Photo: AP Images)

… and Surgery

I went in for a hysterectomy as well as additional work to correct some of the damage done from having our three great kids. My excellent urogynecologist was able to perform the surgery laparoscopically. We hope this will speed my recovery.

The surgery was scheduled for three hours, it lasted five, causing Mike some concern as he waited. Dr. Jones was able to accomplish everything planned and in the best option that we hoped. However, she also spotted a large growth which took her the additional time to remove intact. It was a benign cyst. She also found unexpected tissue growth which, if left alone, could very possibly turn cancerous. Both of these issues were unknown going in to the surgery. She removed these so they’re no longer a threat. God knew they were there and had my surgery timed perfectly.

After surgery, I did a lot of sleeping initially. I haven’t had pain since September 12 or so. Mike has been Mr. Wonderful, taking care of me and much of our routine housework. I’ll continue to have a number of doctor appointments and restrictions for months.

Postscript: A Highlight for Me

Because we knew I wouldn’t be able to travel for months after surgery, we drove to South Carolina for a three-day total eclipse trip in August. The trip was a lot of fun for me.

It was a wonderful visit with family, too. We found the perfect place and God blessed with clear weather for the eclipse. I wrote about it on if you’re interested and would like to see our pictures: Our Trip to See the Total Solar Eclipse.

eQuipping for eMinistry

I’m using this time to make some long-term plans and evaluations for this blog and other things I do. It’s the perfect time for me to step back and to plan. I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of those decisions with you.

Thank you so much for your prayers for good healing and for God’s direction in my ministry.

NOTE: I found the satellite photo of Hurricane Irma in a USA Today article dated September 9th.

4 thoughts on “Post-Op and Post-Irma

  1. You don’t ever slow down, my friend. So glad everything turned out well with surgery and with little damage from Irma. Rest and recuperate–be a good patient for Mike! We need you whole and healthy!


    1. I had to chuckle, Dayle. No… I “don’t” slow down, but I’m being a good patient and accepting that what I’m doing / getting done is sufficient and in God’s plan. It’s a good time to cut back and focus.


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