I’m Putting My Feet Up for Awhile

I’m putting my feet up for awhile. It’s my doctor’s orders… and a good thing.

I’m preparing for a surgery in early September. I have a long recovery time afterwards as well (into early December). One of the requirements is that I can’t sit with my legs bent for long periods of time. (Hmmm, that’s what I do in my ministry!) Of course, I’ll follow her orders. Both of us want to prevent me from having dangerous clots.

It’s not my personality to sit around with my feet up, so I’ve been preparing to cut back on my normal pace of writing and such. I’m keeping my expectations low and also thinking I might find some opportunities during my recovery to take care of other things that I normally don’t find time for.

I always like having something to do, so I’ll be creative on how I’ll be spending my days. I can’t predict how many posts I’ll have up on eQuipping for eMinistry for the next eight weeks. I have a countdown in the footer of the blog when I think I can get back on a regular posting schedule. I’ll see when I get closer if that’s a realistic goal or not. As I write today, the goal is October 8, 2017.

Having feet up


Johnny Cash on Taking It Easy

A blessing in all this is an opportunity to slow down. I had more than two years of intense demands, including weddings of two of our children and helping them move. Without this surgery, I’m sure I’d still keep going at full speed. I think I’ll take a tip from Johnny Cash:

“I recently found myself going through a period of uncertainty about my future as a performer, my status as a personality, the believability of my Christian witness and the knowledge of God’s will in my life. I felt a force bigger than myself saying, ‘Lay back. Take it easy. Study hard. Read your Bible. Think, write and keep your mouth shut for awhile.'”


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