Smarty Pins

Okay, Cru world travelers, here’s your version of The Amazing Race. Test yourself to see what you remember of the places you’ve visited.

Our family played many hours of Trivial Pursuit. Google Maps’ Smarty Pins reminds me of the game with these categories:

  • March Madness
  • Arts & Culture
  • Science & Geography
  • Sports & Games
  • Entertainment
  • History & Current Events

I’m sure our family would have loved playing this together. Homeschoolers might be interested in using this interactive game with your students. Check out this post: Using Google’s Smarty Pins in the Classroom.

I’m sending you this quick “Just for Fun” post because I’m using almost every spare minute I have with the details of our Called to Write conference on March 8th. All of us appreciate your prayers for the conference.

I’ll be back to normal next week. (I might even have time to play this game.)

What do you think?

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