Keep Those Ideas Coming

I decided to stick with a slower posting rate over the summer so I have the time I need to re-organize eQuipping for eMinistry (e4e). I’ve wanted to create resource pages. I’ll use the rest of the summer to make a good start on that.

Keep Those Ideas Coming

Thank you for the six responses I received from e4e readers about what you’d like to see on this blog. Again, if I’m not writing about the topics you’re interested in, then I’m not helping you.

Please go to this Google Drive form to let me know what your needs are for learning how to use technology for ministry.

Here’s some of the results so far.

What help do you need for eMinistry?

  • 66% – Building a platform / audience
  • 50% – MPD and technology
  • 33% – Engaging online communities
  • 33% – Win-Build-Send through social media

What help do you need in eQuipping?

  • 80% – Publishing eBooks
  • 60% – MailChimp
  • 60% – Podcasting
  • 60% – Search Engine Optimization
  • 40% – Photography
  • 40% – Security
  • 40% – Website design
  • 40% – WordPress

In general, what areas do you suggest I focus on?

  • 80% – Blogging
  • 60% – Productivity
  • 60% – Social Media
  • 40% – eMails
  • 40% – MPD
  • 40% – Newsletters
  • 40% – Writing skills

What forms of training do you prefer?

  • 75% – Blog post tutorials
  • 75% – Webinars
  • 50% – Conferences

Since this blog is mostly for Cru staff, it makes sense I should discover your needs instead of guessing. e4e has hundreds of followers, so six answers do not represent you well, statistically speaking.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to help me make this blog better.

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2 thoughts on “Keep Those Ideas Coming

  1. Sus,
    I need help to efficiently deal with email. I’m drowning in them. Any tips? Maybe there’s been a blog written on it already so feel free to point me in that direction.


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