Judy Douglass’ When You Love a Prodigal Podcast

The When You Love a Prodigal Podcast

You’re invited to listen to Judy Douglass’s brand-new podcast, When You Love a Prodigal, on your favorite streaming podcast service. New episodes air on Tuesdays. This week’s episode is, I Am Sending You a Son.

I wrote a fuller post about Judy and this podcast on the GodFullyKnown.blog. Here’s a sample from that article:

“Early episodes will introduce Judy and their son, Josh. She will describe her challenging journey with him during his prodigal years. In future episodes, Judy will talk about what God says to us through this journey. She will explain where your prodigal’s choices might be coming from. She plans to include some interviews with helpful, knowledgeable people.

“Judy invites you to join her and to tell any of your friends who love a prodigal about this new place for hope and encouragement.”

What do you think?

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