Resurrect Your Old Easter Posts and Share Your Faith

Sunset reenactment of Good FridayEaster Conversations

“Do you have a church to go to for Easter Sunday?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m going with my mom.”

(I find Easter time is a good time to start a conversation about the Lord. No one has ever objected to my asking this question. I asked the lab technician, Ariel, last week.)

A few minutes later I asked, “what does Easter mean to you?”

“I don’t know,” Ariel said. I could tell the question startled her. Going to an Easter service with her mother seems to be something she does without knowing why.

I shared a brief account of God’s great love for us to die for our sins.

“That’s beautiful,” she replied.

I hope you’ll pray for Ariel and start your own conversations these next few days.

Meanwhile, today and the next few days, also consider what you can post online about Easter.

Posting Easter Greetings on Social Media

DaySpring offers free Easter greetings for email (up to 10 addresses), Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

  • DaySpring and Twitter did not work well for me. I recommend saving the image instead and creating your own tweet.
  • Pin the ecard to Pinterest. Later, when you click on the pin, it will take you to the card at This is the only place to find DaySpring’s short hyperlink for the card if you would like to use it.
  • If you want to, send yourself the email version:
    • Copy the image and paste it into a group email (for more than 10 people).
    • Or save the image
      • and upload it to MailChimp. Include a note and link at the bottom of your MailChimp letter to give the image credit to DaySpring.
      • or use the image in other social media services. (Include @dayspringcards in your post if you upload the image to Instagram.)
  • Are you creative? Design a Facebook frame for your profile photo for Easter at the Frame Studio. Your frame might be available for others after you create it at: Let me know if you do this!

Resurrect Your Old Easter Posts

Google Trends chart for "Easter"

What about your Easter blog posts you’ve written over the years? Would you like to resurrect something to use this year?

Look at how many people are searching for “Easter” on Google. (I took this screenshot on Google Trends.) You would want searchers to find your Easter post, wouldn’t you?

Your older posts lose visibility, so I have some ideas to resurrect them. We only have a few days, but the following could make a difference. Choose one or more of these ideas. I’m going to.

  • Find all your Easter posts on your blog.
  • Fix some tags, usingĀ Google Trends.
    • Where possible, “Easter” should be in your blog’s title, headings, content, and as a tag. Use “Easter” in as many of these that work for that post.
    • Based on your title, headings, content, and tags, use Google Trends to find some more keywords to add to your post. (By the way, “Good Friday” was not showing a trend.)
  • If you wrote a fantastic post years ago, read it over for anything out-of-date to correct. Check the stats for this post to confirm readership has declined. Change the publication date to today. Consider whether a new title would get more readership (based on Google Trends). Publish with the new date.
  • If you include a Pinterest pin in your blog post, make sure the image on the pin relates to the topic of your post. After you publish, go to your blog post and pin your pin to your Pinterest account.

Join me in sharing Christ through social media. Set aside some time for this opportunity and let me know what you do!

Will you be resurrecting a blog post? Comment and paste your link below. Let’s help each other share our content with those who need to hear God’s Good News.

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Resurrect Old Easter Posts


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