laptop keyboard print key


You looked up directions to the restaurant where you have an appointment and you now want to send an email of the map to your disciple.

OR . . . You found a great article and photo and want to print just that part of the website to mail to your mother-in-law instead of the whole three pages.

Use Print Screen

If you want to make a copy of what is on your screen, take a screenshot.  If you insert it in a Word document and/or into an Outlook email, you could then use picture formatting to crop your image.  Or, play around with Alt+Print Screen, which will just take a screen shot of a window on your screen.  (Read more from Microsoft…)

I wonder if other keyboards around the world are not laid out in the same way.  You may have a “Print Screen” key in another location on your keyboard than I do.  If anyone knows about other keyboards, please comment here.

Vista users: read the comment from Curt.

Mac users: click here… and notice you will find more tutorials on the site, too.

NOTE: This post is in the Keyboard Tips Series.

11 thoughts on “Screenshots

  1. I’m using print Screen on my Linux system and it has a good soft for that! You can make the region for the screenshots on every web page you want! I like this soft for Linux and maybe Windows has same soft somewhere,I don’t know.


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