An eMinistry of Significance

The Covid-19 shutdowns kept millions of believers housebound and isolated. Many were praying for ways to be involved in God’s Kingdom work during this unusual time. Who knew that a worldwide pandemic would usher in a “new normal” for virtual meetings and small group ebooks? The Significance Project saw God open opportunities to present Jesus and build multiplying disciples.

As one man said after taking the Man of Impact course,” If you don’t want God to change your life, don’t take this course.” A woman who took her leaders through Significant Woman said,” In ten years of ministry, I have never seen so much life change in just ten weeks.”

Here’s what happened in 2020.

The Significance Project

The Significance Project is known for life-coaching evangelistic courses from Cru/CCC:

and the life-coaching discipleship courses:

Each course runs for eight to ten weeks and is available in more than forty languages.

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In March 2020, the Significance Project began to develop ebooks for Significance material.

These ebooks paved the way for virtual groups.

Virtual Groups

Virtual small groups, larger groups, and meetings took place from South Africa to San Diego to Singapore. Many countries pivoted to virtual groups for evangelism and discipleship. Men, women, couples, and whole family groups went through the different courses.

A group of 430 women gathered for many weeks to complete The Significant Woman. They were from several countries (they spoke the same language) and met on Zoom. They’re now starting their own smaller virtual groups.

One woman coached many not-yet believers online. She thinks it would be hard to go back to face-to-face groups. The Significance Project will probably see a hybrid of virtual and in-person groups once things are more open.

What’s Next?


On January 12, 2021, 431 people participated in a three-hour online training.

Drawing participants from over fifty countries, the Significance Project Equipping Webinar was presented in eight languages.

The training in leading virtual groups was foundational as one of the webinar’s purposes. For some, guiding small groups in cyberspace was akin to learning another language. The best webinar comments were of relief as participants discovered they could lead virtual groups easily.

The Significance Project is planning another webinar for October 13, 2021. Among other things, it will offer training on how to use the Significance Project resources. If you’re interested in attending the webinar, email significance.project at These courses help reach couples, families, and groups of men and women on campuses or in neighborhoods.

Throughout the year, people considered Jesus as their Life Foundation, grew in their relationship with Him, and discovered how to join Him in His mission.

The Significance Project would be glad to come alongside you in your ministry. Learn how these resources could help in your evangelistic/discipleship path. To contact someone on the Significance Project, search for their group on Workplace or fill out this form.


  • More about the ebooks:
    • The participant books and facilitator guides for the four courses are on Amazon and Google Books in English (Man of Impact has participant and facilitator material in one book).
    • Man of Impact and Significant Woman are also on Amazon in Spanish.
    • Google Play Books has all resources in English and Spanish and Significant Woman in Russian.
    • All ebooks have free downloadable pages for some of the life-coaching tools.
    • The Significance Project is currently developing and distributing more ebook courses in Romanian, Arabic, French, and Traditional Mandarin.
  • Find printed books and other materials at Cru Press. The Cru store carries English, Spanish, and Mandarin material from The Significance Project.

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