Eyes and Security Issues for Digital Photos

It’s a potentially great crime-fighting tool for the future: a criminal’s image could be recognized in the mirror of someone’s cornea in a digital photo. After reading a recent article, I thought about security and privacy issues that this new technology raises for missions in the future..

If you’re a missionary who works or travels to areas of the world where security is an issue, you should think about this new development. [Read more…] Continue reading Eyes and Security Issues for Digital Photos

Resizing images

I wrote earlier in Watch Out for Photo Sizes: A Tutorial about the need to compress photos (think: “volume”). Now this post is about resizing the dimensions of photos (think: “puzzle pieces”). The previous post was about large photos taking up a lot of space in media libraries for blogs and for MailChimp and in your friends’ eMail inboxes. This post is about making photos the right size to fit a space. [Read more…] Continue reading Resizing images