Photos, Facebook and You

Photos Facebook infographic

Photos and Facebook

You probably already know that photos receive more likes and comments than just a status update on Facebook.

Take a good look at this infographic and consider if you might want to change your Facebook ministry strategy. My comments are based on what I see in the infographic.


Your main way of starting and maintaining conversations on Facebook is through visual posts. According to the infographic, try these ideas. I ranked them by effectiveness:

  1. Use Instagram
  2. Post a photo album
  3. Post a photo
  4. Post a video

I would add that it’s good to do a mix. Don’t always post videos, for instance. Your friends don’t have time to watch very many, so make these memorable videos only. You’ll gain a reputation for sharing worthwhile content.

Include links when helpful and appropriate. Even better, share photos that already have links embedded with them. Here’s some photo sources using embedded links that I can recommend to share on Facebook, in alphabetical order:

Show Up

Of course, be sure to reply to comments from your friends. Like and comment on others’ photos and videos.

Do you have a favorite source for your Facebook content?

NOTE:  This infographic comes from research compiled by Wishpond Corporation. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

What do you think?

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