Global Staff Women’s Reader

Our blogrolls are growing (see end of post)!

Because of the main focus of eQuipping for eMinistry, many of the sites listed in our blogrolls are authored by Campus Crusade staff women who use their sites specifically for ministry.  These women will encourage you to draw closer to God, guide you in using hospitality to share the love of Christ, give practical advice for moms serving overseas, paint a fresh perspective on life, offer a taste of life in another country, and more.

GSW Reader

The Global Staff Women’s Reader is like a monthly “online newspaper” with selections only from our Campus Crusade women authors.  During the first week of every month, we select a handful of posts for the reader.  Each month features different blogs and  subjects.  If you are considering blogging and want to see a sample of various ministry blogs, or you would simply enjoy reading a selection of posts from our women, click here.

Visiting and commenting on these blogs (see left sidebar) will help increase traffic for our bloggers and also encourage them in their ministry.

You can use RSS feed in your Outlook 2007 RSS folder or use  Blog Alert to have emails sent automatically to your eAddress when the GSW Reader is updated.

NOTE: Comment here or send an email to GlobalStaffWomen at 1) if you know of other Campus Crusade for Christ women who have blogs or web sites, or 2) if you want to start blogging as a ministry. If you already have a blog, Sus is glad to help you discover ways to bring ministry elements on to your site.

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