When you run across a good video at, you might be interested in sharing it with someone.  You have probably already copied a web address of a video and emailed it to a friend.  However, if you find a YouTube video embedded in a blog, you might want to know how to go to the original YouTube video.

YouTube prints their logo in the lower right corner.  If you move your cursor over “YouTube” you will notice it says “watch on YouTube.”  If you click on this, you will go to the original video.  Now that you are on the YouTube site, you can also easily send the video to your Facebook page or to your Twitter account (MySpace, Digg, etc., too).  Just click on “Share” under the video and then click on Twitter or Facebook.  Or, of course, you can cut and paste the address into an email.

Your Ministry on YouTube

Obviously, you could make a video promoting your ministry which also can be shown to donors.  You will need to create a YouTube account and make a digital video, obviously.

Evangelism and Discipleship

You will need to sign in to YouTube to do the ideas in these two paragraphs.   You can  put your comment about a video “next in line” and visitors to the site may read your comment in with the other ones.  If a lot of people comment, your thoughts may get buried in the pile, however.

Even better may be to connect directly with someone.  Click  on someone’s username who made a (fairly recent) interesting comment. You will end up at their site.   Click on “Send Message” under the Subscribe button.  If their comment is not too old, they will remember the video and you can “talk” about it together.  Also, if you find someone who has videos you like, you can correspond with them and might like to subscribe to their videos, too.

You can find testimonies and more on YouTube.  If you check the number of  “views” first you will know how popular or effective the video is in communicating with people.  Here’s a variety of videos I can recommend:

Please add your recommendations in the comments.  What videos have you used in your ministry?

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