Follow-up for Internet Evangelism

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FenzesI became a volunteer last August.

For months I’d heard statistics about how many people found Jesus on the internet.  Then, I got an email from a friend whom I taught how to play “Freecell.”   He had won an extraordinary number of games and I thought, “Wow, what if a fraction of that time was used to follow up new Christians?”

Then God said:  “Curt, How many games have you won?”

I got the hint.

I emailed a friend who pointed me to Global Media Outreach.  I clicked the sign up button and filled out the form.   Surprise!  They wanted to check me out and asked for references!

“Isn’t my email address enough?” I thought.  “I’ve worked pretty hard to get a Campus Crusade address.”

Then I realized of course they want to verify that I’m okay.  I added the email address of my pastor to the form.   After a few days, I received a welcome letter and some training.

Three times a week, I received email saying “You got Mail.”  I click on the link, put in my passwords and there is a message waiting for me.   Most of the time it takes me just a couple of minutes to respond.   I press the reply button and add a few comments to the automatically generated reply.  (More if it is from an email source, less if it was from a cell phone.)

So far, about 10% have written back. I’m not sure if that is statistically good or bad.  My reply to “Jane Doe” included several links to becoming free from bitterness and depression that were easy to find on the Global Media Outreach (GMO) website and the linked website (Very user friendly!)


They took me didn’t they?  And I am celebrating my 55th birthday.

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