Bing Is Not Google is a search engine from Microsoft and is advertised as a “decision engine.”  BING stands for Bing Is Not Google and does go beyond just searching for information, to assisting you in your decisions.  Visit the information about on Wikipedia to learn all the ways you can use bing.

I can highly recommend next time you need to find flights and lodging.   After you go to, click on “Travel” in the links across the top.  You could then click  on “Hotels” to quickly find lodging and rates. Or, you could just click on “Destinations” which also includes flights and hotels in the search.    Read more…

Bing is a very visual site.  Many of the searches are presented with photos (see Bing Trends for an example).  Every day, the wallpaper for the home site features a beautiful photo of a new destination with some fun facts sprinkled in.  For this reason alone, is my home page.’s photography is so well done that they made an agreement with National Geographic for some of their photos.

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