Google Trends and Football

google_wordmarkI decided to write some posts in a few blogs (including this one) using specific Bible verses,  Ephesians 2: 8 -10, as part of my text because I suspected that reference would possibly get millions of hits yesterday.

Last night, the University of Florida Gators were playing in the Sugar Bowl against undefeated Cincinnati. As he does in every game, Gators quarterback, Tim Tebow, wrote a different Bible verse  on his eye black.  I read recently that when Tim wore John 3:16 under his eyes last season, Google recorded 93 million hits that day!  To confirm this, I decided to check Google Trends for a handful of this season’s games and found that the verses I checked were number one for Google searches on game days. . . and not just number one, but “volcanic,” indicating a high volume.

So,  I was hoping that using Tim’s verses yesterday would drive more visitors to my blogs.  I tested three of my blogs.  One had the verse as the first line in the text and was posted during halftime, drawing two visitors.  Another blog’s post came after the half.  No one found that article possibly because it is not as popular a web site as the other two I tested.  The article that brought sixteen visitors to my site was posted within minutes of the start of the game as soon as I could read the Bible reference on Tim’s cheeks.   (I noticed a Cincinnati player had another Bible reference on his biceps.)  The post had several other key words that helped more people find my site (Tebow, Super Bowl, Ephesians …).

If you want some ideas for writing new posts for your blogs:

  • Check Google Trends for the day you are posting,
  • Look at the top ten hot topics and top ten hot searches ,
  • Use as many of the key words from those lists in the first line or two of your blog posts.

Have you tried timing when and what you post, based on hot topics?  What has been successful for you.  Have you tried this idea with Twitter, too?

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