Six Months of e4e

This week marks the six-month anniversary of the eQuipping for eMinistry blog.


• To my Lord, Jesus Christ, for His guidance and direction and for giving me a passion I can pursue to His glory.

• To my husband, Mike, for encouraging me to “sow resources for women so they might enhance their ministries through technology.”

• To Judy Douglass, Jan Vescovi, and the godly women of Women’s Resources for encouraging me in this new endeavor.

• To the authors who have helped post great content for e4e: Brian Barela, Marilyn Adamson, Curt Fenz, and Susie Thomas.

• To Susie Thomas and Lindsey O’Neill for their help with the Global Staff Women’s Reader so visitors to e4e can read a sampling of posts each month. (We just published the March issue.)

It’s not a solo effort, as you can see! Thank you to everyone who has had a part in encouraging Christians to use technology for ministry.


Use this link to find the bimonthly appreciation posts and this link to find the actual guest posts.

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