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Last summer I started a blog because I not only love to write, but I also find purpose in writing Father-filtered, divinely inspired blog entries to a culture that is starving for more than what this world feeds it. So a friend and fellow staff member pointed me in the right direction and suddenly, the blog was born (Leaha’s Pen)!

But then what? Like anything new, I wanted to show her off to my friends. So I logged into Facebook and noticed that some of my Facebook pals were displaying their blogs on their profile pages through Twitter. Ah-hah, I thought, free advertisement for my blog! So I set up an account with Twitter and before I knew it, I could post clips from my blog entries on Facebook via Twitter for all my friends to see. I loved being able to write with purpose and transparency. But little did I know, there was a glitch. All was not well in the twitter-blogosphere.

One day I received an email from a kind stranger informing me that he had difficulty accessing my blog through Twitter because I had not been posting my tweets with a link. I simply had been typing in my tweets and tacking on “” This, the helpful stranger informed me, is not very user friendly. So he suggested I look into Twitter Feed. I soon discovered that Twitter Feed is wonderful because it not only allows the blogger to feed the blog to Twitter and Facebook, but it also provides the reader with a link to the blog and a fairly lengthy snapshot of the most recent blog entry, which I have found to be very user friendly and effective!

Simply go to Twitter Feed to create your account, and you are then all set to add your feeds between your blog, your Twitter and your Facebook accounts. Basically, Twitter Feed does the work for you, and it does it better than what this less than tech-savvy blogger could do! Now my readers not only get fed through my thoughts on God’s Word, but they also get fed thanks to Twitter Feed.

Meet e4e author Leaha Shaikh

NOTE from Sus: You can use Networked Blogs or Twitter Feed to connect your blog, Twitter, and/or Facebook accounts. If you don’t have a blog, you can just feed your Tweets to Facebook.

If your blog is on NetworkedBlogs on Facebook, go to Networked Blogs and click on your blog. Click on the “Syndication” option under the photo of your blog.  After the syndication page opens, you can add your Twitter account.  I don’t remember if you have to have your Twitter account open, too, when you do this.

Follow this link if you have any problems with Twitter / Facebook aps.

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