How to Market Your Blog

Once you’ve started your blog, you want to find readers. If you are anything like I was a few months ago, you have no idea how to let others know about your blog. Here are the best 5 ways I found to advertise your blog so others can read your material.

1. Send out alerts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other social networking site. Simply let others know you have a new blog entry.

2. Find blogs that discuss similar subjects, and comment on these blogs. You can leave a link to your blog so if readers are interested, they can come visit your blog.

3. Make it easy for readers to “subscribe” to your blog. I use From here, you can set up email registration and RSS feed sign ups for people to easily click to receive automatic updates whenever you post something new.

4. Try posting your blog in the local newspaper on the community blogs page. You can email the editor of your town’s newspaper and see if they want to include your blog.

5. Word of mouth.

What would you add? What ways have you marketed your blogs?
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2 thoughts on “How to Market Your Blog

  1. Thanks Heather! The only thing that I would add is through the ministry, to our supporters. There’s links to both of my blogs on our newsletters and if I’ve written a post that I think will be especially encouraging, we send out that link in an e-mail update. This has also helped me understand more fully the ministry of writing and how I am called to serve and encourage in it and specifically in the context of our calling as missionaries.


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