Part Three: Are You Using Facebook Effectively?

Facebook logo iconWe’ve looked at ways to minister to people through Facebook in this series,  focusing on your donor team, your friends, and your family.  However, you may also have a larger influence through your church or ministry to consider.

For a comprehensive look at how to use various technologies in a ministry, I recommend learning from Chico State’s campus ministry.   Their “before” approach was a start, but what they are doing now really uses the technologies to their best advantage.  Read more…

Also, check out the Media for Ministry posts about Facebook ministry including:

I’m writing less on this post so you’ll have time to explore these suggestions from other Campus Crusade for Christ staff.

What elements are you already using in your ministry?  What would you like to add?

The Series

  • Part One is about basic Facebook communication ministry ideas
  • Part Two helps you decide whether to use a Group or Fan Page for your blog or ministry.

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