Gathering Prayer Requests

We received a dozen prayer requests from our donor team recently.  If you are like us, you might get an occasional letter or eMail with a prayer request or you might ask for prayer requests when you phone your donors, so we were very happy at their response.

How we did it

We have our own “response form” that we enclose in fund appeals.  The last two lines are for prayer requests, but we don’t necessarily get many requests this way.  We enclosed this fund appeal form in with our appeal letter, but because of our very busy summer, we decided to make two versions of our fund appeal this year.  One version was obviously a direct request while the second version was the same content written as a prayer letter, that is, we asked for prayer to find new donors.  The letter closed with this postscript: We hope you will mail a prayer request to us in the envelope we have provided.   It’s a great privilege to pray for you, and thank you so much for praying for us!”

Enclosed with this prayer letter was the prayer request slip (see above) and a return envelope for them to send us their prayer requests.  Some donors wrote a “thank you for praying for us” on their returned slips.  A few of our friends chose to also enclose a donation.  (We also gather some phone numbers and eMail addresses by using this form.)

Use our form

You can download my PDF form for free here. You should be able to print it, but please comment here if you have any problems.

Obviously, you could make a similar form which reflects your tastes or your ministry.  It just takes a little tweaking to get three forms out of one sheet of paper.   We used regular paper, but you could choose to use cardstock.


We kept things simple by just putting the slips in a folder as they came in and then praying together at the end of the day.

Do you have a way to organize prayer requests?

What do you think?

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