Social Media and Your Ministry

This must-see video is geared toward economics, but is still eye-opening.  It’s important for all of us to understand the incredible impact of social media on our lives and on our culture.

What is your “take away” from this video?  For me,  I’m remembering my first website was a static place where others could go for information.   Now, my posts go to my potential readers instead of them going to the posts and … I hear from them even within seconds sometimes!

Have you looked seriously at your ministry through the lens of  social networking?   Are you and your disciples integrating your face-to-face connections with your virtual connections?  Who are you trying to reach and what is the best way to reach them?

I also recommend this article which can help you understand what different generations are doing online.  A chart breaks down over twenty online activities for people aged 12 to 70+.

What do you think?

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