Be a Beta Tester for TntMPD

TntMPD 470x140If you love TntMPD and use it a lot, why not become a Beta Tester?

The Beta version of any software program is fully operational, but not quite ready to be released.  Beta testers use the new version of the program and provide feedback before the new product is released, helping a developer uncover any issues that might not have shown up in alpha testing.

The testers also benefit by getting a sneak peek at their favorite product’s newest version.  If a new feature is unclear to you, participating in the forum discussions will help familiarize you with the new features.

Follow this link to join the group of Beta testers for TntMPD.  Personally, I’m excited about the next version of TntMPD.  A brand new feature is already saving me a lot of time and helping me efficiently track our history of eMail correspondence with our donors.

If you’re a MAC user, you could help Troy Wolbrink with the MAC version of TntMPD.

What do you think?

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