How to Use Facebook and the Internet to Reach People for Christ (Guest Post)

Facebook logo iconGuest Post from Marilyn Adamson, director of and

How do I share the Gospel?

College students spend an average of five hours a day online. (Facebook is usually a part of that.)   So, when it comes to building spiritual movements with students, everyone knows that online is important.  However, “what to do” is still a little fuzzy for some.  One campus leader took decisive action. Guess which high-tech country he started in?  Ghana.

Emmanuel Richard, our student-led leader for West Africa, created training in how to use, how to respond to emails and how to use on campus, on Facebook, etc.  Then, he gathered seventy Christian students at the University of Ghana, and trained them.  He trained another seventy Christian students at University of Lagos, Nigeria.  If my math is right, he’s trained about 450 students throughout Ghana and Nigeria in the last nine months, then in Ethiopia and Kenya. Liberia is next.

Two of these students wrote:

“After going through the internet outreach training, I logged onto my account on Facebook and one of my friends commented about love and relationship. I thank God, I was able to log on to and got an article. I shared it and I believe that a soul has been won already.” ~ Emeka

“At first, Facebook is just for me to connect with my friends. But now to share the gospel, word of God, save lives. I learned how to post articles on Facebook and answer questions about God.” ~ Dare

You can use the same simple ideas to enhance, and even accelerate, your individual or team ministry using the internet.  Sign up to receive “How to Talk about God” (one of‘s special weekly email series) to help you confidently use the internet in your ministry.   Most of the ideas will cost nothing to implement.  Visit for more ideas, too.

What can I do after people receive Christ?

In 2010, more than 75,000 people indicated they asked Jesus into their lives through  These new believers are encouraged to sign up for the follow-up series, The Spiritual Starter Kit.

Emma, one of these new believers receiving the email series, wrote:

“I would really like to thank you for all your help…  Before, I used to ask God why I go through all the difficult things that I go through. But what I failed to realize is that through it all God has been there with me. He was just waiting for me to open the door for him to come into my life, and for me to have a relationship with him. I realize what I was missing all my life. And really helped me a lot.

“Getting to know who God is and that his love for me is unconditional….I now know to rely on God through everything that I do, to take the throne of leading my life in any direction that please him, because if I am to rely on my own strength I will always fail.

“I thank you so much for all your emails, because as I read your emails I get to know more and more about God, and I couldn’t be more pleased!”

If anyone wonders whether someone could really begin, and genuinely grow in, a relationship with Jesus from follow-up online…aren’t Emma’s words exactly what you’d hope to hear from a new believer?

Get started

Use the great articles on and the free email series (check them out here).  Share a link to The Spiritual Starter kit with new believers.  Try these ideas for yourself and with your ministry team and then comment here to encourage others to try internet ministry!

Guest Post from Marilyn Adamson, director of and

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