Share, and Know Results, on (Guest Post)

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Guest Post:
 Marilyn Adamson explains about an exciting new feature on

Share, and Know Results, on

It’s always encouraging to see the results of your efforts, so we’re excited to offer you the new Share Bar on ( When you share an article or video using the Share Bar, you’ll see how many people went to the site and how many indicated they received Christ, because of your share — no matter WHERE you shared it — Facebook, Twitter, Google+, on a blog, in a message to a friend, and more.

To get the Share Bar:

1. Go to
2. Click “Login.”
3. Then “Okay” if already logged into Facebook. Or click “Login into Facebook” if not.

After you sign up for it, the Share Bar will magically appear on for you. No web address and password to remember.

Next, choose anything to share from on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. (You don’t need to say anything about your share, if you don’t want to. The article or video stands on its own just fine.) You can also use the  link in the Share Bar to copy and paste in your blog or any social media sites or to send a particular article or video page in a personal message to a friend on your phone, email, etc.

Here’s some popular videos from to get you started.

See Your Results on

The Share Bar tracks how many times you’ve started a share, so click “See Impact” for a personal report on how many people went to the site and received Christ from your share! You’ll see the impact for every share, plus a cumulative report of all your shares. (Be sure to “refresh” the report page each time.)

Let me know how it goes for you and if anything needs to be tweaked. Please invite your Christian friends who want to help make Jesus “findable” to sign up for the Share Bar.

Marilyn Adamson

Guest Post from Marilyn Adamson, director of and

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