Tips about Email Usage and Abusage

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Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, offers good advice in a blog post titled “Email Etiquette 101.” I’ve listed his points here, but I recommend the entire post.

1.   Understand the difference between “To” and “CC.”
2.   Keep messages brief and to the point.
3.   Don’t discuss multiple subjects in a single message.
4.   Reply in a timely manner.
5.   Be mindful of your tone.
6.   Don’t use email to criticize others.
7.   Don’t reply in anger.
8.   Don’t overuse “reply to all.”
9.   Don’t forward chain letters.
10. Don’t “copy up” as a means of coercion.
11. Don’t overuse the “high priority” flag.
12. Don’t write in ALL CAPS.
13. Don’t send or forward emails containing libelous, defamatory, offensive, racist or obscene remarks.
14. Remember that company email isn’t private.
15. Use a signature with your contact information.
16. Provide “if-then” options.
17. Use your spell-checker.
18. Re-read your email before you send it.


9 thoughts on “Tips about Email Usage and Abusage

  1. I especially like 15 & 18. I recently received an email that said “We have changed our email address from to” I had to do a search on to find out who the email was from. A signature block would have been nice.

    Concerning #18 — I am sure that you will find a mistake or two AFTER I hit that “send” button.

    However, I do address multiple topics in one email, probably a bad habit. (cf #3)


  2. Very incisive. I think #18 “Re-read your e-mail before you send it” is for correcting grammar counts, which is the most basic one. If you receive an email with grammar mistakes, what would you think?

    So it’s necessary to take the time to review and edit your email. It only takes one user who notices a grammar or spelling mistake in your email to then begin a social media campaign that makes you look less professional than you are! Here are tips for email content creation. Really useful for me.


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