Adorn Your Facebook Profile

Our hearts hunger for something we can sink our teeth into – a good story, the latest relationship status, or the most recently posted pictures.  Our hearts hunger so much that we become like wandering nomads drifting across Facebook seeking fulfillment.

But what if Facebook offered a different kind of status to update each time we logged in?  Instead of posing the question, What’s on your mind? What if Facebook asked, What’s in your heart? Would we type discontentment, idolatry, satisfaction, joy?

Since we all search for significant connection and community in this life, Facebook seems like a natural tool to satisfy this need.  So whether that search involves a tiny little box at the top of our home page or in a tiny little corner of our hearts, the search probably takes place more frequently than we are aware.

Let’s make our profiles something worth finding.  Let’s adorn them with a timely word, a famous Christian quote, or better yet, a piece of Scripture.

I recently challenged a group of athletes at the University of South Florida to use Facebook With a Purpose (FWP).  As our dependence on this virtual social network grows, it is imperative to examine whether or not our profile pages reflect a personal relationship with Christ.  Especially when the most personal connection some of us have is with the face time on our laptops or phones.

Are you ready to FWP?

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