Circle of Moms Blog Contest

I never dreamed my blog could be featured to 6 million other blogging moms. So when I first heard of the Circle of Moms Top 25 contest I immediately ruled it out. Curiosity motivated me to glance at the other blogs in the contest where I saw the most high traffic blogs I know of. I thought, “No way, I would make a total fool of myself if I entered.” But then scrolling down there were some blogs with only a couple of votes. My courage increased as I thought of what an incredible ministry opportunity this could be to brag on God and help more women live for His glory.

So I entered. All I did was click the “Add Your Blog” button on the top right and it walked me through the rest.

There I was, entered into a contest. My little blog that I had just gotten a bit more serious about a couple months earlier. I was nervous.

I set up a Facebook event “Vote For My Blog” and invited my friends to vote.  Within a few days I was in the top 25! And then a few days later in the top 10! I was shocked.

Right now there are some great blogs in the top 25, but there are also others like one by a pagan witch. How awesome would it be to have blogs that encouraged women to reach others for Christ in the top 25?  The contest is from now until June 8th. Why not enter your blog?

You can vote for as many people you would like and can vote once every 24 hours. You can send out Facebook messages, emails or post it in your blog asking people to vote. It takes about 5 seconds to vote. All you do is give the link to people and then they scroll down to your blog or picture and vote.

There are many categories you can enter your blog in at different times of the year.  You can enter and vote for Faith by Moms, Expat, Military Family, Health and Fitness Mom, Parents with Multiples and Political Mom between now and June 8th.  (Learn more about the different Top 25 contests.)

Let me know if you enter your blog so I can vote for you.  And would you vote for me too?  Vote here for my blog, Beholding Glory.

Post by Laura Krokos

Laura has been radically transformed by the Lord and desperately desires her life to display His glory. Along with being a wife and mother to three, she is the Associate Campus Director of Master Plan Ministries, an affiliate ministry of Campus Crusade. She lives in Denver, Colorado, and has been doing full-time ministry for ten years.

Visit Laura’s blog, Beholding Glory and check out her Bible Study on Beholding Him, Becoming Missional.

9 thoughts on “Circle of Moms Blog Contest

  1. I just voted for your blog, Sus! And I have already been putting some votes up for Laura’s blog.

    I also just added my blog, because of your encouragement for CCC staff women to do so. Here’s the link:
    and there is a Circle of Mom badge there on my blog to use for voting.


  2. Hey Laura, Sus, Cherry and more!

    I just put my blog, Fan the Flame up too! So excited to be in this together. I will keep voting for everyone. Here’s the link to vote for mine:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Laura, and for first connecting my now dear friend, Cherry, and I, SUS! and thanks for the encouragement, Mary Ann:-)


  3. Hi, Abby!
    So glad I could connect CCC women bloggers and help build friendships! Yeah! Look for more opportunities at CSU, too!


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